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American/Canadian Psycho & Television Personalities

We have too much downtime at work lately... which is nice.

In office, there are many left over newspapers someone forget to discard dump-stand. So Takao47's picked up this paper to put it on the desk to dismantle machine onto and to avoid dirty oil-spillage seepage/capillary action onto desk surface. It is like an old newspaper article you will peek odd time when you open old cardboard boxes. Newspaper is slimier to remainder of correspondence from mellow past.

Oopps... Well it was not that old...but last week's the Globe and Mail article's triggered an discussion among colleagues presently fighting war on boredom. The article was written by Globe and Mail TV critic, John Doyle (The Globe and Mail, November 10, 2004, Section R2 - Review, 'Welcome to out American election refugees'), well isn't amazing to write critical reviews about TV programs and get paid same time? Anywho my colleagues, as a norm of typical Canadians and immigrants, are very much keen to analysing American phycology and its reflection on news media.

Well during lunch break and after wee one hour and more, Takao47 and colleges had good insightful and productive discussion about American phycology reflection on television personalities.

Look at CNN's Washington senior correspondent John King... sounds very anonymous Anglo-Saxon name.... Do you know where is this guy come from? Takao47 and other guys agreed that this stud is so much like "GI Joe"... If some genius engineer(s) from The American Society of Testing Materials, finally invent a thing called "GI Joe-o-meter", John King should be a reference sample to consider as hardness grade 10 - GI Joe guy. Takao47 is thinking like The Mohs Hardness Scale right now.

In Canadian television, not all reporters are looks like Barbie, Malibu Stacy, Ken or GI Joe. But they are OK, you will eventually smitten with Jennifer Ditchburn... she looks alright. Well she is dizmo for American taste.

Lately every nights, there are depressing updates from middle-east, Takao47 sees reports by CNN and CBC. Do you like to watch reports by Christian Amanpour? She seems to me so worn-out war correspondent spending too extensive period of time in combat-zone.

Look at CBC, there is a Jerusalem correspondent Adrienne Arsenault... In Takao47's opinion, she looks pretty hot. More importantly she looks like normal folk. Apparently at least she not delivering a political report like a fiddler of Warmonger.

The biggest low-budget Canadian TV drama is "Corner Gas". This show's protagonist is somewhat lame...for American taste, a guy called Brent Butt and he looks like some dude operating Mack's convenience store because he dropped out university and could not find a decent job. These quite characters at a gas station tiny town in Saskatchewan is running show.

This fictitious town is actually located 50 kilometres outside of Regina. In American programs, it is pretty difficult to find average Joe/Jane like folks. Everyone drive hot cars and wear nice outfits. Canadians are cheap sleek.

Well from Nova Scotia, there is another note-worthy program called "Trailer Park Boys". This show actually is promoting medical hemp consumption ... and you know this show is pretty good to learn English for foreign guy like Takao47 to learn swearing in English. Oh I am ready instigate bar fight... Canada is great... after all this is nation of stoners...
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