takao47 (takao47) wrote,

FedEx television commercials

I always enjoy FedEx television commercials… these spots are always somewhat hilarious.


It shows a new employee, counter-argued when a supervisor asks him to ship some packages using Fedex.com

“You don’t understand. I have an MBA.” He sniffs.
“Oh, You have an MBA,” his supervisor disappointedly replies.
“In that case, I’ll have to show you how to do it.”

This dialogue reminds me that one university office clerk at the registrar’s office I had troubles with this Character every semester I register classes… he is working at university because he cannot find a high-power corporate career utilizing MBA in real world.

I am just starting to think recently what’s the real purpose of post secondary education. Well it provides me critical thinking and research skills, which is very nice but… apparently my case; university education (especially from Canada becuase I am working in way different industory sector) is almost worthless so to speak of. I feel like wasted sh*tload of dough and time.

One of my friends who used to study with me is taking time off from university and working as a cabinetmaker apprentice. He studied quite few CNC programming classes with me and now making very beautiful furniture and home appliances. Since he has just finished second year cabinetmaker journeyman certificate so that pay is not so awesome yet. But he is doing moonlighting as a subcontract cabinetmaker on side. These incomes are under the fed rader so to speak… lucky fella… In country like Canada with high taxation rate, tax-free gig is awesome.
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