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Eine Klein Nachtmusik

Too tired to fight, too bored to care,
Too sober to go on a tear
And give Albertans easy laughs
With much-loved, one-too-many gaffes,
Ralph Klein has nothing left to do
But tick the days he's made it through

It would be nice to meet the Queen
And whisper something quite obscene,
Or outrage oil-patch plutocrats
By stamping on their Stetson hats,
And loudly shout Kyoto's name
To feel that bracing sense of blame.

But when you've lost the urge to shock
The whole thing starts to seem a crock.
So if complacency's a crime,
Then choose some fired-up kid next time,
And meanwhile, don't Ralph's decline:
You've got your oil - you'll all do fine
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