takao47 (takao47) wrote,

Bone Structure

Recently I went to Montreal and catched a cabby late at night. After hopping onto the cab, I realized that driver was looking like a gangster rapper Coolio hair-wise.

Honestly I was bit scared…He was cruising around street while listening to loud French (Creole) rap music from some radio station…

I told him that "I am originally from western Canada so that this kind of music is new to me." Then asked, “Is this guy French or Quebecois?”

“This guy is Haitian and we are from same town.”

“(Abruptly) Are you from Japan?”

“How do you know that?”

“Bone structure.”

“Do you live in Canada?”


“Are you married? Do you cook Japanese food? When I came to Canada, I just missed food. I guess you feel same.”

“Single. Why do you ask such question? I can cook Japanese dishes but I cannot prepare whole cuisine…”

“I am married to Quebecois. My wife’s sister is also married to another Haitian and she had taught me to cook Haitian food. When I was in Haiti, I never cooked myself… What’s kind of food do you miss from Japan…?”

“Well I guess I have a things for wacky stuff. Probably you are not familiar with this thing but it is Asian stuff. I miss dumb good soybean paste soup… It is a centerpiece of meal… like jerk chicken for you guys. I am ashamed to say it, but if I can find a good soybean paste soup, I would never think about Japan. Especially when I’ve finished working overnight around five in the morning after contingency machine fixing. Anyhow it is pretty weird that it was white Quebec woman who taught you how to cook Haitian food.”

“Exactly. They love Haitian cooking. And since they’ve been eating Haitian dished, they are starting to get BLACK bottoms. Man, that’s all they were missing. When I arrived here, the girls were outstanding – face, hair, legs, all perfect. But no bottoms man. From behind they looked like oriental cab drivers. Then they started to eat yams, plantains, pork, sweet potatoes and lots of rice. So as time goes by, they started to get bottoms. Real white-BLACK women.”


“How do you hook up with Quebecois lady? (While Takao47 was watching cabby’s wifey photo on a dashboard…. little bit impressed for his hot old lady…)”

“Well they don’t think we are black. Here we’re Haitian instead. Actually some Quebecois call themselves the White-BLACK of North America.”

“It sound like Irish calling themselves in Europe… Did you saw a movie ‘Commitment’? Fat white guy is shouting like James Brown?”

“Yeah, I saw that…”

“Why you left Haiti?”

“One of the reasons I left Haiti is racism. I don’t understand such violent racism between same people of the same race. Each spits on the one who’s black than him. It is the colonial heritage Haitians learned from French.”

“Well I am hungry.”

“We’ll eat at greasy-spoon in a minute.”
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